Certified Turfgrass

Demand Blue Tag Certified sod by the NC Crop Improvement Association...

...Because after all, if it's not certified, what is it?

Benefits of Certified Turfgrass Sod:

  1. Genetic Purity- By purchasing certified turfgrass sod you can rest assured it has been grown from a documented planting source and has been field inspected by a NC Crop Improvement Certified Inspector for off-type plants such as common Bermuda.
  2. Free of Noxious Weeds- Certified turfgrass is also inspected and warrantied to be 100% free of noxious and objectionable weeds at the time of inspection.
  3. Same Turf Today and Tomorrow- By purchasing certified turfgrass you know the variety you plant today will be the same that you plant tomorrow. So make sure you ask for blue tag certified turfgrass by NC Crop Improvement Association and see the advantages of certified turfgrass sod.


To compare all grasses view Sandhill Turf's Sod Comparison Chart.

All sod varieties sold from this kiosk are Blue Tag Certified by the NC Crop Improvement Association.

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